Korean actress Kim Tae Ri is on the rise after starring in the critically acclaimed movie The Handmaiden. The fresh-faced beauty shares whether she follows a 12-step beauty regime, her must-haves in her makeup bag and her favourite pastimes
And our top picks from the ranges. The packaging's so cute and beautiful. The colours are oh-so-wearable. You won't be able to resist them
Singapore is hosting the historic summit set to take place on June 12. In the meantime, check out these places for your Korean-American cuisine fix
You don't need to spend hours in a gym to get that sculpted abs and lean body that you're going for. These 5 bodyweight exercises will help you burn fat and shed off those calories
Then the new M&S linen collection could be your new best friend
Carrying a baby is hard. Being famous doesn’t make it easier. Even though they might have the best doctors and ample time to do everything necessary to ensure the baby arrives safe and sound, celebrities aren’t immune from pregnancy complications
We found that quite unbelievable too! But that's what the petite singer, who was in town to film the TV series Get It Beauty on the Road, said when she shared her beauty secrets including her disciplined fitness routine
Gabriella*, 37, has been married for four years, but for the last two years she and her husband Anthony* have not been sexually intimate with each other. Yet she insists that she will not leave her husband
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